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Kerrie M.

"Amazing services. I’ve been going to Dr. Chris & Josh for years and never had a bad experience. Always very helpful."

Nance G.

"Colby has been been overseeing my ongoing treatment for a knee injury pre and post surgery. His treatment has helped ease pain and stiffness and has helped greatly."

Ghada A.

"Amazing clinic! I have excellent results in a short period of time. Special thanks to Dr. Sidney Lisser, Dr. Merrill Ong and Sara Zahrabelny."

Heidi K.

"Professional specialists.
Flexible in making appointments.
Great location to the subway.
Able to assist with my recovery."

Christine D.

"Dr. Chris and his team are amazing!! Dr. Chris sees my 8-year-old son and is so great with him. He takes time to explain everything to you and makes you feel at ease. He helps you understand your body, and know when things aren't 100%."

Bob C.

"I saw Colby Bucci for physio on my knee. I was desperate for relief. After a series of treatments, I am now able to walk fine again without the use of a cane! Colby's attention to detail and his ability to explain his treatments were fantastic. He gave me a plan to follow at home and I recommend him highly.... will not hesitate to follow up with him!"

Siobhan M.

"I was always nervous about Chiropractors but a real need, plus a referral from a trusted friend sent me here. I recommend them (and my Chiropractor Dr. Myles Dalton) very highly. The quality and professionalism are exceptional. Their Massage Therapists are also excellent and I appreciate that they consult together for the best treatment. They are caring, responsible, punctual, and get results. You are in excellent hands."

Steve T.

"Dr. Chris Oswald, the very best chiropractor ever. He is kind and gentle and very understanding. We have known him for thirty years and you could not find anyone better., also all the staff is amazing people. You would feel comfortable with all..."

Sayer R.

"I've been going here for over a year now, and I've never had better service or quality. Merrill Ong is hands down the best there is, he's easy-going and fun and KNOWS HIS STUFF. Any issue, he's right there with a treatment that works and lasts. Cannot recommend him highly enough."

Kristen W.

"I have been attending this office for just under a year and they are amazing. I see Dr. Merrill for chiro and Colby for physio. They are the best! They have helped me so much and are so professional and caring. I expect to be a life long patient."

Christine C.

"Super friendly staff as soon as you walk in the door!
Dr. Merrill is the best chiropractor! Extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and kind.
Would recommend to everyone."

A. O.

"As a BPHE graduate and physical education, I am aware of the knowledge and skills physiotherapists require to rehabilitate their patients as quickly and safely as possible. I thought Colby did a great job and I would go back next time I need physio. Hopefully, I stay safe though and don't injure myself again"

Olivia L.

"I came to Colby Bucci with a shoulder and neck injury after an accident in the ocean. It was my first time doing physiotherapy and I now appreciate how invaluable it is in working through recovery and strengthening parts that had gone weak. Thanks to Colby’s perceptive assessment, deep tissue massages, and invigorating electrotherapy, I have vastly improved my arm’s range of motion and gained back the ability to lift things. Most significantly, I am now able to play a full-contact sport that I’ve competed in for 8 years, without fear of pain or further injury. Colby is very motivating and supportive of getting back to what you love doing and living an active lifestyle. Thanks a million, Colby!"

Special mention also to the friendly administrative staff for being welcoming and considerate with frequent scheduling, and to past (unrelated) treatments from the wonderful Dr. Warner and Tu Anh :)

Rob B.

"Chris Oswald and his team have saved me a number of times. I have been treated by Chris for over 20 years. I once had chest pains that just would not go away. My GP and his appointed specialist could not find the problem. I did a stress test and saw an internist over a couple of months to no avail. I went to see Chris, he asked me to open my shirt, he saw something out of alignment, fixed it in one session. The next time I had a problem it was with my knee. I didn’t bother with my GP. I went straight to Chris and again he fixed it in one session. Chris has a very professional team. They are all attentive and dedicated to their patients. I recommend them to anyone I know that is suffering aches and pains or unusual symptoms."

Mark R.

"I had flat feet, chronic back & ankle pain, and crippling stress for 20 years until the wonderful Dr. Merrill and Dr. Sandy helped me relieve all that and live a much healthier life.

I am a stunt man and work a very physical day job, and I would not be able to do any of it if it wasn't for the regular visits in the past 20 months or so to this Clinic.
I had known Dr. Merrill as a fantastic Martial Artist for years before receiving his treatments as my Chiropractor and most trusted health professional. Dr. Sandy has been helping me with my diet, stress management, and chi blockages. This dynamic duo couple of Health is highly recommended and I know can help a lot of people.


I suggest you give them a try and get an assessment. You owe it to yourself."

Beth P.

"Over the years I’ve been to CFFHP for various treatments – they are my go-to people! Recently, I incurred a concussion and I’m receiving treatment for it from Colby for physio and Cathy for massage. My condition has significantly improved since my injury. Years ago, I was successfully treated by Sid for a TMJ injury. The professional care I’m now receiving and have received in the past is second to none. They are true specialists who stay on top of the latest developments in their fields. They really know their stuff! And they are so supportive and positive throughout the whole process. This focus on personal care also shines through in the front office reception. Jen, Ethan, and MacKenzie are always so kind, caring, and willing to assist in any way they can. I’ve already recommended CFFHP to others and will continue to do so. A truly all-round positive experience!"

Nick B.

"As I am constantly sitting at a desk all day, I was suffering from poor posture, neck pain, and headaches. I visited the clinic and got treatment from Colby. He was excellent, prompt, and thorough with his evaluation and treatment. I feel much better at work and would highly recommend Colby to those who are suffering from discomfort."

Tracy W.

"So happy I found this place! I have been under Dr. Myles Dalton's care from the start! Professional, caring, and attentive. He was able to get me out of pain and has taught me how to stay pain-free. Outstanding service, I would give him 100-star rating if I could. Thank you, Dr. Myles Dalton."

Charlene L.

"Dr Sid Lisser saved my life. He treated a longstanding painful TMJ problem with a nonsurgical and noninvasive technique that relieved me of this chronic unrelenting pain. Finished 6 months ago and still pain-free after 40 years of pain. Thank you, Sid. You are great."

Titi A.

"Dr. Myles Dalton is by far the best chiropractor I have received treatment from! He is knowledgeable, kind, and patient. The techniques he uses are amazing. After a treatment I feel relaxed, muscles are loosened and a bit of stress has been released. I would truly recommend him to anyone who hopes to gain more mobility, seek recovery and prolonged health sustainability."

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