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Headaches can be caused by a wide variety of factors, a common one being inflammation around the nerves of the head and neck. This can also refer into your jaw and face causing pain.


In this video, RMT Cathy demonstrates an easy way to make an at-home cold therapy pillow to massage the muscles at the base of the skull and calm inflammation surrounding the nerves that cause referring pain.


When the ice is hard, gently roll to massage the muscles, as the ice softens you can ease into the pillow and rest while the cold therapy does it’s job to manage inflammation.

In this next video, RMT Cathy will show you how to create an easy icing tool for using on the jaw joints . She will also demonstrate how to create an ice roller for the muscles of the face and head. Icing should cool the area but never be so cold that it becomes painful, this is why keeping the ice moving is helpful in avoiding injury to the skin. Apply for 10-15min at a time a few times a day when pain and inflammation is present.

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