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To re-open safely and responsibly, our clinic has implemented strict health and safety measures. These many changes are designed to keep our patients, our team, and our community safe. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these times.

Safety Measures:

  • Screening Questions

  • Signage & Education

  • Reduced Capacity

  • PPE & Hand Hygiene

  • Modifications to the Space

Common Areas

  • Patients will be screened before entering the clinic using our COVID-19 screening tool and 24 hours prior to their appointment via an email

  • Patients are asked to bring and wear their own masks to their appointments

  • Patients are asked to come to treatments alone if possible

  • If a patient arrives more than 10min early to an appointment they will kindly be asked to wait in the lobby downstairs

  • Patients are asked to only bring essential items with them to the clinic and keep them in their pockets or purse

  • High-contact areas throughout the clinic will be disinfected frequently throughout the day or after any contact

  • All billing will be done contact-less i.e. billing a credit card securely stored on file or by tap

  • Signs of social distancing, hand hygiene, etc. will be posted in the reception area, treatment rooms, and washrooms

  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance of the building, elevators, and clinic for patient use

  • Commonly touched, hard-to-clean objects such as toys, magazines, and samples will be removed

  • Slide show displaying important safety information

Treatments & Rooms

  • Your therapist will be wearing the appropriate PPE during your treatment, including a face mask, face shield, and gown/change of clothes

  • Patients will be required to wear a mask during their treatment

  • HEPA air purification filters will be operating in each treatment room, filtering the air 4x every hour

  • Treatment rooms and equipment will be disinfected after every treatment

  • Commonly touched, hard-to-clean objects will be removed

  • The treatment room layout will be redesigned to avoid unnecessary contact with surfaces

  • Patients will be asked to sit on treatment table only, unless otherwise instructed

  • Post-treatment checklist on each door to ensure the therapist has prepared the room thoroughly for the next patient

  • Virtual treatments will still be available when appropriate

  • Approved hospital-grade disinfectants will be used

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in all rooms

  • Consent and new patient forms to be done online and contact-less when possible

Therapists & Front Staff

  • All staff will wear the appropriate PPE during treatments and when communicating with others in the clinic

  • Therapists and staff will be screened daily before entering the clinic using our COVID-19 screening tool and temperature check

  • Therapists and staff are aware of systems in place to report probable and confirmed cases to the local public health unit

  • Proper training has been provided for therapists and staff on hand hygiene and proper PPE use

  • Therapists will stay in their respective treatment rooms during breaks to reduce traffic and crowding of common spaces

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