Each year in Canada there are approximately 9,000 hospitalizations due to falls on ice!


1. Wear proper footwear - the most important is to wear boots/shoes with textured slip-resistant soles, or snap-on ice grippers.

2. Plan your trips - Leave a bit early in order to take your time and walk slow. Choose routes that are well lit and may have store

fronts with a higher chance of salt being laid.

3. Stay focused - Watch your steps closely and don’t multitask with your phone. Keep an eye out for ice patches or wet areas.


4. Use walking aids - Walking poles or canes, especially those with the spiked bottom can offer an extra bit of support and confidence.


1. Tailbone injuries


2. Wrists/Arm fractures and sprains.


3. Hamstring and inner thigh strains.


4. Low back injuries.


5. Concussions.


If you feel you are at risk of falling or have had fall-related injuries in the past, it may be beneficial to work towards improving your balance and strength. Our team can help identify weak and stiff areas while improving balance, reaction time, mobility, and strength in the muscles around the ankle, knees, and hips. If you do happen to have a slip and fall accident, please don't wait to get checked out. Our team can assess and send for xrays nearby if necessary.

Let's do our best to stay injury-free this winter and enjoy this weekend's bright forecast!

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