Dr. Chris, the founder of MuscleCare, created protocols to help anyone with the most common types of pain seen in the Centre for Fitness, Health and Performance.  They will make it easy for you to get proven immediate pain relief by using the roll-on when you are in pain and after you are out of pain to manage the weaker tissues and help them heal.


MuscleCare is formulated to help your body heal faster when you follow this protocol and incorporate the roll-on into your daily routine. Over one million people have been enjoying the pain, inflammation and spasm relief benefits from MuscleCare since 2010.


This is your guide to using MuscleCare to target your painful areas and beat the pain!  In addition, I encourage you to stretch for 15-30 minutes a day and walk no less than 30 minutes per day for optimal health.


This is set up into Mild Pain (less than a 5/10) and Moderate to Severe Pain (6-10/10) on the pain scale. 0 is no pain & 10 is the worst.


Acute means “new” pain usually less than 6 months in duration. Chronic means “old” pain usually there for more than 6 months.


 116 million Americans have chronic pain. Let’s work together to reduce this number and help people live life to the fullest.

How much MuscleCare should I apply?

How many clips do I get when I order footage?

We provide a commercially reasonable number of clips, there is no set number, the number of clips provided depends on the area we are capturing. You end up with lots of footage to scrub through and locate the best footage to fit your style.

Do you provide insurance?

Yes we provide named additional insured certificates to the entities provided.

What happens if it takes more time than I hired you for?

Things happen, each footage package comes with one (1) cumulative thirty (30) minute grace period that applies to the entire shoot. If that time is used up we you are charged $150 per hour in 10ths of an hour and the credit card on file is charged.

How do I prepare my location for footage?

Have your location ready based on the "Getting Ready for Real Site Footage Checklist". This is provided after your purchase. In general all areas and subjects need to be neat, orderly and clean.

Whats the difference between a scene plan and storyboard?

A scene plan is a list of what we are going capture and the copy (text) thats associated with the the scene, if text is part of that scene. A storyboard on the other hand is made up of photos or drawings that represent what we are capturing. The storyboard is a "blue print" and considers factors that scene plan does not such as camera angles, movements, etc. This storyboard drills down into the details.

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