TMJ & Facial Pain Lead Clinician and Founder
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Dr. Lisser has been in practice for more than 17 years as a part of the CFFHP team. During that time he has worked in surgical disaster recovery, post-surgical rehab, and has worked closely with advanced pain patients.


Today, Dr. Lisser specializes in the treatment of jaw and facial pain treating conditions such as temporomandibular disorder (TMD), locked jaw, jaw dislocations, nerve entrapment and irritation, and headaches. Dr. Lisser helped create The Jaw & Facial Pain Centre here at CFFHP to further help his patients. He has established close relationships with Toronto’s top dentists, oral surgeons, and ENTs to ensure his approach to treatment includes an accurate and thorough assessment with proven treatment plans to get patients out of pain as effectively as possible.


If you suffer from jaw or facial pain, look no further, Dr. Lisser can help you find the solution you have been searching for. Book a 30 minute assessment today!