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At The Centre for Fitness, Health and Performance, your health and safety remains our top priority. We are now offering virtual treatments for those in need. Whether it’s maintaining your current progress and treatment plan, or recovering from a new injury, our experts are just a video call away! Read on below for more information on virtual therapy.

Virtual Therapy Prices


15 minute: $55

30 minute: $80

Initial Assessment - 60 minute: $140


Initial Assessment: $140

Follow-Up Treatment: $65


15 minute: $45

30 minute: $70

Initial Assessment - 60 minute: $140


Initial Assessment: $350

Treatment: $95


15 minute: $30

30 minute: $80

45 minute: $110

Initial Assessment - 60 minute: $140


60 minute: $200

Virtual Therapy Information

  • Are treatment fees covered under OHIP?
    Our clinic is not an OHIP funded clinic. Most health benefit plans through employer or individual insurance will cover our services. The patient is required to pay the treatment fee after their session and is issued a receipt to submit to their insurer for reimbursement. We do not directly bill the insurance company on behalf of the patient.
  • Do I book appointments each time I come into the clinic?
    Patients are typically set up on individualized treatment plans to ensure the proposed outcomes and results are achieved. These appointments are often booked after your first or second visit. By booking single treatments each time you come in, patients are less likely to meet the frequency of care set out by the treating practitioner resulting in delayed recovery and/or not achieving a full recovery. As our practitioners are often very busy, you may also find difficulty booking your preferred treatment day/time if scheduled on short notice.
  • Can I see another therapist if the therapist I usually see is unavailable?
    Yes, all of our therapists communicate very well and treat in a collaborative environment with the same evidence-based principles and methods. If your primary therapist is unavailable to see you, it is recommended you see one of our other highly qualified therapists to have any issues addressed in a timely fashion. Speak with your current therapist and they can help you choose the right fit and ensure any transition of care is seamless.
  • Are all of your massage therapists registered?
    Yes, all of our massage therapists are Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs). Most of our RMTs are graduates of Sutherland and Chan complimented with Kinesiology university degrees. We encourage our massage team to continue their education and massage skills through courses and clinical practice to keep their skills up to date with current health care changes.
  • If I miss my appointment, will I be charged?"
    We have a 48-hour (2 business day) cancellation policy in our office. You will be charged for the appointment if you do not cancel before the 48-hour period. There are exceptions such as family emergencies or sickness, we are accommodating and will try our best to reschedule you if possible. Please call our office at 416-972-6279 if you are unable to make your appointment or if you are running late.
  • If I need orthotics, can they be covered by my health plan when made by my chiropractor?"
    Yes. Most health plans cover custom orthotics that are made by Chiropractic doctors. Depending on your health plan you may need a referral letter or doctors note from a chiropodist or your family doctor respectively. During an appointment we will go through biomechanical assessments of the feet, a gait analysis, and will also provide you with the proper insurance form to be handed to insurance.
  • What should I bring to my physiotherapy appointment?
    Our Physiotherapist is very interested in how your body moves and functions. That being said, it is highly encouraged that for injuries involving body parts from the waist down you wear loosing fitting pants or shorts, and for any pains above the waist you bring a shirt that allows free motion of your neck, shoulders, and arms. If you have any referrals or reports from other health professionals, you may also bring those to your first appointment.
  • I have pain but I’m not sure if I should see a physiotherapist or a chiropractor. Do chiropractors just treat the spine? Do physiotherapists only work with injury rehab? Who do I choose to see?
    Our chiropractors and physiotherapists are manual therapists that apply principles of preventative healthcare. Both chiropractors and physiotherapists at our clinic are trained to assess, diagnose, and treat a broad-spectrum of biomechanical issues anywhere in the body. It is best to choose a therapist based on your individual preference or referral. Any appropriate referral or co-management will be determined and recommended to you during your initial assessment. If you’re still unsure please call the office and one of our therapists will gladly speak with you to help direct you to the appropriate care.
  • What is the “cracking” sound during a chiropractic adjustment? It was recommended that I see a chiropractor for my issue but I’m not sure I want my back or neck "cracked"."
    An adjustment is a maneuver that chiropractors are specially trained to perform which helps to restore motion in a joint that doesn’t function or move properly. Gas pressure builds up between joint surfaces when a joint is restricted, preventing a healthy exchange of nutrients. The sound created during a chiropractic adjustment occurs when this gas pressure is released between the joint surfaces. All forms of treatments are communicated (including adjustments) and our therapists only perform techniques when it is beneficial to the patient’s recovery and when the patient fully understands and consents.
  • When I experience aches and pains, when should I seek professional advice?"
    Pain is a message from your body, sending an alarm that something isn’t right. Listen to your body and seek professional help sooner rather than later. Pain and injuries can be corrected much easier and faster when addressed early on. It is always a good idea to get assessed and address the underlying causes of your pains/discomforts before it becomes a chronic issue.
  • I have headaches and sometimes migraines. Can your clinic help me?
    We can definitely help you. Migraines are often misdiagnosed or self-diagnosed due to the amount of aggravation and pain felt. Most headaches are caused by restricted or fixated joints of the neck and upper back as well as tight muscles around the head, shoulders and neck sending common referral patterns into the of the head region. These are common issues that we see in the clinic and can be resolved with our health care team and conservative therapy.
  • Do I need a referral from my family doctor to see a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist?"
    No a referral is not needed to have an assessment with a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or massage therapist. However, a referral may be needed to be reimbursed by your health benefits plan. It is advised that you check your health benefits package before committing to treatment so there are no surprises. Chiropractors and Physiotherapists both have the ability to diagnose biomechanical issues and refer to other healthcare specialists when appropriate.
  • Do you provide Acupuncture, and is it covered under my benefits?"
    We do provide Acupuncture treatments, however they will be billed under your physiotherapy, chiropractor, massage therapy, or naturopathy coverage depending on which practitioner performed the service. Acupuncture treatments in our clinic cannot be billed under "Acupuncturist" coverage, as none of our therapists are certified Acupuncturists. We currently have 5 practitioners who are trained to provide acupuncture within their disciplines. It is always best practice to review your individual benefits plan prior to booking treatment to avoid any surprises.
  • What is ShockWave Therapy (SWT)?
    SWT is a treatment modality used by our Physiotherapist Colby. It uses high-intensity sound waves to break down adhesions, release tight muscles, promote blood flow, and create a healing process within the body. Commonly used for chronic injuries such as plantar fasciitis, low back pain, bone spurs, trigger points/muscle spasms. There is no extra charge for SWT above the regular physiotherapy treatment fee.
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