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Essential Nutrients for Optimal Health

Eating a healthy and balanced diet can help to ensure you are receiving and using the nutrients required to function in your daily life. However, depending on the individual’s body, sometimes supplements can help to give an extra boost and optimize the nutrient levels when it is low. Some factors that can contribute to low levels include:

  • Poor absorption

  • Increased demand (change in physical activity, environmental influence, etc.)

  • Nutrient-deficient diet

While all minerals and vitamins play a significant role in the body, here are some nutrients to focus on to optimize your health:


  • Function: Helps to deliver oxygen in the body

  • Source: Red meat, legumes


  • Function: Ensures proper nerve and muscle functioning

  • Source: Nuts and seeds, leafy green vegetables


  • Function: Important for cell metabolism and energy

  • Source: Meat, fish, leafy green vegetables


  • Function: Optimizes calcium absorption, and supports the immune system

  • Source: Sunlight, fish


  • Function: Required for proper cell functioning, and supports the immune system

  • Source: Oysters, meat, nuts and seeds

Feeling Low Energy? Consider looking into iron, vitamin D, B complex, etc.

Feeling Stress/Tense? Consider looking into magnesium, B complex, etc.

Feeling Under the Weather? Consider looking into vitamin D, zinc, etc.

Note: Consult your healthcare practitioner to discuss supplementation.

Our naturopath Dr. Sandy now offers B12 injections in the clinic!

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