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Did you know February is National Psychology month? As such, we’d like to highlight what a huge role psychology plays in overall health!  Psychology is a broad and complex field of study which seeks to understand our thoughts, feelings and actions. Mindset (another word which can be used to describe “psychology”) refers to the lens through which an individual views the world around them, meaning everything we experience goes through one filter - our mind. We can’t control WHAT experiences happen around us, however we can control HOW we experience them.

Our mindset is also largely responsible for the healthy vs. unhealthy decisions we make. Whether it’s exercising, eating better, putting attention to better sleep habits, taking care of your body, etc - we need to develop a positive mindset before we can achieve our goals.


Although it can come easy to a select few, developing a positive mindset is a challenge for many of us, especially with the levels of stress which are common in our society. The good news is, you can work at it! Similar to lifting weights to strengthen a muscle, there are exercises you can do to strengthen your mind. Meditation or mindfulness activity is becoming increasingly popular in our society due to a growing body of validated research which proves its effectiveness. When practiced regularly, meditation can greatly reduce stress, increase productiveness and have a profound effect on your overall health and well-being.


Meditation is the simple act of sitting calmly and focusing your mind on something in the moment, such as your breath. Mindfulness activity includes meditation, yet it is a broader term which describes any exercise which you are fully entrenched in the moment, instead of thinking about things in the past or what deadlines you have to make this week. Such activities can include: running, yoga, being in nature or taking a warm bath. Being in the moment puts your mind into a state of calm, which the more the practice, the easier it is to achieve. A calm mind is more effective at making clear decisions, staying on task and managing different facets of your life. A calm mind is more likely to approach conflict or problem in a productive way. Finally, a calm mind is a happy mind - from which you can generate positivity and action towards better health.


Think of a health goal you would like to achieve... If pain or discomfort is a barrier for you to achieving this goal, the first step is to remove this barrier! The doctors and therapists here at The Centre for Fitness, Health and Performance understand not only how to get you out of pain, but everything that goes into achieving and maintaining better health.

Our Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Sandy Huynh, is skilled at a number of relaxation and healing techniques such as acupuncture and cupping.

If you’d like to learn more about meditation or mindfulness - come in for an assessment with our chiropractor Dr. Myles Dalton who, in addition to his hands-on treatment, is passionate about helping patients integrate mindfulness activities into their busy lives.

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