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Sleep Right, Sleep Tight

Do you feel as though you are doing everything to prevent pain, but still wake up every morning with a sore and stiff body? The issue could begin with your mattress! Why not start to prevent back pain while you sleep? 

Remember: A great sleep is essential for our everyday well-being! 


  1. Tossing and turning all night.

  2. Waking in the middle of the night or morning in pain.

  3. Having more frequent or more intense back pain.

  4. Experiencing more lower back pain when you wake up than you had when going to sleep.

  5. Pressure points on your side that are tender to touch.

  6. Hot, sweaty sleep and/or pressure points of pain where you’re lying.


1. Back Sleeping (Great!)

Sleeping on your back is ideal for spine and neck health as you are not forced into unnatural positions. Back sleeping helps your mattress do its job of supporting the spine. When sleeping on your back, ensure you have the correct pillow to leave your neck in its neutral position. We have a pillow system with two risers that ensures neutral neck alignment and fully open airways that can significantly reduce snoring allowing for better circulation.

2. Side Sleeping on left side (Good!) 

Sleeping on your side improves circulation. Sleeping on your left side alleviates acid reflux, boosts digestion, and helps ease heartburn.

Cons of this position include putting pressure on your stomach or lungs as well as waking up with your arm numb. Avoid sleeping on your side with arm above head or tucking your knees up, this can strain your lower back ligaments. 

3. Fetal Position Sleeping (Bad!)

This may feel comfortable at first, but it will cause strain on your back and joints. It is best that your shoulders and neck are aligned when sleeping and it’s difficult for this to happen in the fetal position. 

4. Stomach sleeping (Worst!) 

Although this position can sometimes help ease snoring, it puts your spine in unnatural curved position. This position is not generally recommended, imagine spending 8 hours with your head turned all the way to the right, of course you'll end up tight and in pain.


Try the innovative sleep system by Dr. Chris!

Why try this mattress?

  1. The mattress offers Moisture Regulation which is scientifically proven to absorb 4 times more moisture than conventional form that gives this mattress the most dry and clean sleep in the industry.

  2. Ideal temperature control: The mattress technology allows the open cell structure to absorb heat, creating a cool and comfortable climate for the ideal sleep.

  3. The 11” premium mattress offers Nature Spine Technology that allows your spine to remain perfectly straight so that there is zero joint, nerve, or muscle aggravation that would affect the quality or length or sleep. 

  4. The mattress has a combination of proprietary forms from soy to Euca-feel to provide the richest combination of comfort and support. State of the art German machine technology has proven the test of time providing you with 7-12 years of sustainable support. 

  5. The foam density is 30-50% higher than all of the other online beds. This means we care about the life of your bed and the quality of our mattress we provide our customers.

Some Additional Tips for sleeping:

  • If you have a coil mattress, remember to rotate it 180 degrees every month.

  • Box springs vary in quality. They need to be firm and supportive. If they are not we recommend 1” MDC board on the box to offer more support to the mattress.

  • Look for a mattress that is firm to minimize joint, muscle and nerve strain.

  • Mattresses do have a life expectancy! If you’ve had the same mattress for as long as you remember, it might be time to make a new investment. 

If you have any questions regarding your sleeping posture be sure to speak with your health professional during your next office visit! If you have any questions regarding this mattress system, do not hesitate to contact our office staff: and be sure to try out the Dr. Chris’ sleeping system in our office during your next visit! 

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